Medical Billing for Alberta Physicians

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Why ClinicAid is the only choice for Alberta doctors

Intelligent billing shortcuts and tools. Submit a week's worth of invoices in seconds

Smart billing logic to cut down initial entry errors, superior rejection handling

Instant service code and dx code search fields with current updated SOMB

Full referral provider Billing Number search fields as provided by Alberta Health

Submitting claims to Alberta Health

Physicians in Alberta must submit claims to Alberta Health in order to be reimbursed for the medical services they provide to patients insured through the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP). Sending claims in with the required information will allow the Ministry of Health in Alberta to quickly process them and send payments back to the care provider. In order to speed up the submission and assessment process, Alberta Health Services use an electronic communication system called H-Link.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to move to ClinicAid from another program in Alberta?
Moving to ClinicAid from another software is quite simple in Alberta. In Alberta Business Arrangements can not be transferred from one submitter to another so all you need to do is get set-up with a new business arrangement number and start billing in ClinicAid whenever you are ready and you can continue settling your claims in your old software until they are all complete.

To make your transition to ClinicAid even better we can import your patient demographic data into your ClinicAid account free of charge if you can export that data into an excel, csv (comma separated values) or other spreadsheet format.
How do I delete a bill from H-Link?
To delete a bill from H-Link that has been settled you will need to first un-settle the bill and then when you click to view that bill there will be a big red button to delete the bill from H-Link. Bills that are in pending statuses are not able to be deleted from H-Link.
Can I edit a bill after it has been sent to H-Link?
If you've sent a bill to H-Link you will need to wait until ClinicAid receives a response on that bill from H-Link before you will be able to edit it and resubmit it. This will generally happen after the next weekly billing cycle.

It is not recommended to send a second bill if you realize you have made an error as H-Link will likely see the second bill as a duplicate and the second bill will be automatically rejected.
What is the "Source Code" field on the provider record?
The "Source Code" field is a two letter field that can be anything you like. It isn't really used for anything and is pretty much useless but it is a required field for billings in Alberta so we have it on the form! Normally we just use the first and last initials of the provider.
How often are referral providers updated in ClinicAid for Alberta?
Alberta Health generally sends us updates to the referral providers list twice per year and we update ClinicAid when we receive these updates. If you would like to check when the next update will be please feel free to submit a support request. If you would like us to add a provider to our list we can do that manually at any time.

When creating bills in ClinicAid you can also add any referring practitioner ID to a patient record or to a bill regardless of whether that practitioner exists in ClinicAid and you can also add your own referring practitioners in Admin→Referral Providers