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Submitting claims to MSP

Health care professionals in BC need to submit claims to the provincial government for services they provide to patients that are insured through the province's Medical Services Plan (MSP). The claims will provide the Ministry of Health in BC with the information required in order to make payments to the care provider. While paper forms and online claim forms may sometimes be required for a claim, the most efficient way to submit service claims is through Teleplan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to move to ClinicAid from another program?
Moving to ClinicAid from another software is a fairly easy process. If you are moving over with your own data centre that you have been submitting MSP, WCB and ICBC claims through Teleplan previously it is generally recommended to clean up all of your old invoices including rejections in the old software prior to a cut off date. After the cut off date you will be able to enter all of your new invoices into ClinicAid! It is recommended to cease using the old software entirely as all invoices sent to Teleplan must follow a sequence number, fortunately ClinicAid is equipped to always send the correct sequence number, but other softwares can run into issues with not providing Teleplan with the incorrect number.

To make your transition easy, we can also import your patient demographics into the program with a microsoft excel csv, or mac numbers spreadsheet file.
How do I setup my datacentre?
To set up your own datacentre you will need to submit an application for Teleplan Service form and fax into the number provided. Alternatively, if you would prefer you can join ClinicAid's Service Bureau with the pre-filled application.

Teleplan will let you know once they have set up your datacentre. Once you have this confirmation, you will be able to attach your datacentre to your ClinicAid account by clicking on 'Admin' from the left side menu, and 'Manage Teleplan'. Enter your datacentre number, ie. T9181, the user which will always be TTUT followed by the 4 numerical digits of your datacentre, and the password you use to log into the teleplan web page. When all of this information is added, ClinicAid will automatically verify if the details are correct, and you will be good to start submitting your invoices!
How often do I need to change my Teleplan password, and how do I do it?
Teleplan automatically invalidates all user passwords every 42 days for security purposes. To update your password you can update directly in your ClinicAid account through your Admin, and Manage Teleplan, then select the 'change password' tab from the top of the screen. Alternatively you can log directly into the Teleplan web page and update there. If updating directly through Teleplan, you will still need to add the updated password to your ClinicAid account.
What do I do if I'm locked out of Teleplan?
If you try to unsuccessfully log into Teleplan 3 times in a row, they will lock your account. The only way to get it unlocked will be to call Teleplan at 1.866.456.6950 and they will issue you a temporary password "tele001". As this is intended to be just a temporary password you will not be able to use it with your ClinicAid account to submit your invoices, you will first need to follow the change password procedure as per the above.
How do I submit forms to WCB?
ClinicAid has Form 8 (initial visit) Form 11's (follow up visit) built right into the system. When creating an invoice you just need to change the insurer type to WCB and the WCB tab becomes available. select either the Form 8 or 11, fill out the necessary details, and pair it up with the correct service code on the invoice and it will be sent electronically through Teleplan to WCB. It's that easy. Also works with Chiropractic 8c and 11c forms.
Does ClinicAid do patient eligibility checking?
Yes, ClinicAid communicates in real time with Teleplan for patient eligibility checking. Every time you add a patient to an invoice you will be able to see if they have up to date MSP coverage.
How do I do a debit request?
On any previously paid out invoice, you can simply edit the existing payment, click on the 'Advanced' tab, and update the submission code to E - Debit Request. Save and send later, or send now and the payment will be debited from your record with MSP.
What are the cut off dates to submit bills to MSP?
The cut off dates vary slightly from month to month, but is always on a twice per month cycle. You can view the 2015 cut off dates at the ClinicAid Blog.

For more information on how to get started with this easy-to-implement online billing solution, contact us.