Frequently Asked Questions

What is ClinicAid?
ClinicAid is an online service that allows Canadian doctors and other health care providers to create, submit and track medical billing records easily through the internet. Patient and physician information is entered and stored within the system to make for easy healthcare billing. Users can quickly search for and enter service codes, fee modifier codes, diagnostic codes and additional information into online forms that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection.

ClinicAid also allows offices to schedule appointments simply right in their billing system and create invoices right from their appointment lists.
Who should use ClinicAid?
ClinicAid can be used by Canadian physicians, healthcare professionals, and medical practice staff as a simple solution for faster and easier medical billing. ClinicAid works for many different specialties including General Practitioners, Optometrists, Anesthesiologists, Surgeons, Psychiatrists, Internists, Gynecologists, Neurologists, Pediatricians and more.

ClinicAid is the only web-based software that integrates with the OSCAR EMR system and it can be used in conjunction with any EMR system in Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia. ClinicAid also integrates with ClinicMaster, Revolution EHR, Ramsoft and we're launching more integrations regularly. ClinicAid is also a great choice for physicians who maintain paper records, but would like to do their billing electronically.
How does ClinicAid work?
ClinicAid is a web-based service, meaning that everything you need to use it can be accessed through your internet browser. Our medical billing software allows doctors and other healthcare professionals to create, submit and track health care billing records electronically using nothing but the Internet. Patient and physician information is entered and stored within the system and users are able to quickly search for and enter service codes, fee modifiers, diagnostic codes and additional information into online forms. Because the service is entirely online, you can access your bills from the hospital, your office, or even on vacation using any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an Internet connection.
Is ClinicAid available throughout Canada?
ClinicAid is currently available to clinics, medical practices and healthcare professionals for provincial medical billing and scheduling in Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia. We are working hard to expand to other Canadian provinces throughout 2014 but anyone anywhere can use ClinicAid for free for their private medical billing.
How does ClinicAid benefit a medical practice?
ClinicAid streamlines physician workflow and allows medical practices to complete more billing in less time with fewer billing rejections. Our software will save you a lot of time and effort while also cutting down on administrative costs and increasing your practice's revenue.
Does ClinicAid require special equipment or software?
ClinicAid is a web-based service and requires no special installs or hardware. All that a medical practice needs to make use of our medical billing software is a device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) with internet access and a web browser installed (preferably Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).
How is information in ClinicAid kept secure?
ClinicAid is a highly secure solution for medical practices. All data is safeguarded in multiple locations around Canada and is backed up in real time. All of the data centers used to host ClinicAid are designed to protect from unwanted access, theft, and physical damage from fire and water. Multiple security checkpoints are in place between the facility doors and ClinicAid servers and the sites are monitored by cameras around the clock. All connections to ClinicAid are made using secure SSL encryption just like your online banking.
Will ClinicAid help a medical practice get paid faster by the government?
ClinicAid provides helpful reporting tools that allow medical professionals to check the status of invoices in real time, identify claims with potential errors, filter reports through many different variables, and confirm amounts approved by Alberta Health, OHIP, and Teleplan for payment. ClinicAid allows invoices to be submitted automatically to the Alberta, Ontario, or BC government body which means you won't need to worry about uploading or downloading files. Your remittance reports are loaded into your ClinicAid account immediately upon receival and your invoice statuses are updated for your convenience. Our electronic medical billing software checks for common errors to minimize your rejections and has features that can facilitate government processing and payment.
What if a ClinicAid user has a technical problem(s) entering data or submitting invoices?
ClinicAid is monitored 24/7 for uptime and accuracy by a team of trained technicians. Phone and email support is also available during regular business hours (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST, Monday to Friday) for general questions involving setting up forms and submitting invoices.
How long does it take to get ClinicAid properly set up in a medical practice?
ClinicAid can be fully integrated into a physician's office work-flow in less than a day. Setting up user accounts and configuring ClinicAid for billing only takes a few minutes and users can have access to their new accounts shortly after signing up.

Once users are comfortable with the system, ClinicAid can allow for a billing item to be entered and submitted in a few seconds. A whole day of seeing about 45 patients, for example, can require less than 5 minutes of billing time – a significant time-saver.

In order to start submitting bills, users in Alberta, Ontario, and BC will require some additional setup with the government body (Business Arrangement forms for Alberta Health, GoSecure access for Ontario's OHIP, or a Payee and/or Data Centre number for BC MSP billing). This process may take up to two weeks to complete during which time submitting invoices will not be possible, but you will have full access to ClinicAid in order to create them and familiarize yourself with the billing interface.
Is ClinicAid an effective option for small medical practices?
Yes. ClinicAid is an ideal solution for clinics and medical practices with only a few employees. The speed and efficiency of ClinicAid can enable medical billing personnel to transition to other duties in a practice, resulting in time-savings and increased revenue.