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Medical Billing for Ontario Physicians

OHIP Billing Has Never Been Easier

ClinicAid is the most amazing medical billing software I've ever used. As a medical billing agent I've used every software out there and ClinicAid blows them all away with its slick design and helpful validations. ClinicAid literally saves me hours every month on my submissions, rejection handling and reconcilliation.

I'm so happy I made the switch to ClinicAid and would highly recommend to everyone doing medical billing that they should give it a try.

Brenda-Lee Ryan

How ClinicAid helps MDs billing in Ontario

Automated file sending and retrieval through your own GoSecure account

Automated reconciliation of batch edits, error reports, and remittance advice

Instant service code and dx code search fields with current updated OHIP fee schedules

Fast referral provider OHIP billing number search fields

Submitting claims to OHIP

Medical professionals in Ontario can submit claims to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) for medical services provided to patients that are insured through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Being able to send claims in electronically allows care providers to receive assessment on their claims and get paid for the services provided quickly. The MOHLTC uses the Medical Claims Electronic Data Transfer (MC EDT) system to allow physicians and other medical professionals to directly connect and share data with the Ministry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Group Numbers used for?
If you are working with a group of care providers that are all having their payments go to a central account you would use a group number for your submissions and add that group number to your provider record.
Is eligibility checking for patients in Ontario available in ClinicAid?
Yes, ClinicAid supports electronic eligibility checking for patients in Ontario.
How often do I need to update my GoSecure password?
Your GoSecure password will expire every 120 days. Before your password expires the GoSecure system should send you an email to let you know and ask you to update your password. Once you have updated your password in GoSecure be sure to update your GoSecure credentials in ClinicAid to ensure there are no interruptions in your claim file transfers.
How do I get set-up for MC EDT / GoSecure for electronic OHIP claim submissions?
Please see details here.