Plans & Pricing

Affordable rates that fit the size of your practice

As low as 8 cents per claim


Occasional practitioner

$13 / mo
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Up to 100 claims
Unlimited phone and email support


Part Time practitioner

$30 / mo
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Up to 250 claims
Unlimited phone and email support
Most popular!


Ideal for one full time practitioner

$69 / mo
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Up to 700 claims
Unlimited phone and email support

High 1500

Clinic with a Few Practitioners

$135 / mo
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Up to 1500 claims
Unlimited phone and email support

High 3000

Busy High Volume Clinic

$240 / mo
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Up to 3000 claims
Unlimited phone and email support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once I pick a plan, can I change it later?
Absolutely! We want our clients to always be comfortable in the plan that fits them. If your practice grows, or you're winding down, let us know and we can adjust your subscription to match.
Do I have to sign a contract?
No, at ClinicAid we don't believe in lengthy service contracts to trap our clients, we let our product speak for itself. You are free to cancel your account any time you wish, however we're confident you'll want to stick around!
Are there any set-up fees?
No set-up fees! All you need to do is start your free trial which takes just seconds and you will have your account set-up.
Do I need a credit card upfront to begin?
No credit card required on start-up! Once you have completed your trial and you're happy with ClinicAid, you can enter your credit card details through our secure payment system to carry on with your subscription.
I love ClinicAid, can I pay for it yearly rather than monthly?
Of course! just let one of our support reps know and we can set you up for yearly payments!
What is a 'claim'?
Each service code submitted to the provincial authority is considered a claim.
What happens if I go over my monthly limit?
There is a $0.20 per line item overage fee for each claim item over your monthly limit. If you need to move up to a higher subscription level you can do so anytime through your account.