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Medical Billing for Saskatchewan Physicians

Billing MSB Has Never Been Easier

Saskatchewan doctors love billing with ClinicAid

Easily submit claims to MSB through eHealth ICS

ClinicAid’s smart interface ensures minimal rejections

Simple and useful look-up tables make filling out claims a breeze

Search through included lists of provincial referral providers

Submitting claims to MSB

Submitting claims for government insured services in Saskatchewan is now easier than ever with ClinicAid’s web-based medical billing software. Claims can be submitted electronically over the internet saving to MSB (Medical Service Branch) saving your office time and money. ClinicAid’s smart interface allows you to automatically reconcile your claim submissions and quickly track and resubmit any denied or underpaid claims.

What is ICS?

ICS stands for Internet Claims Submission. ICS is a web based system in Saskatchewan that allows physicians to submit their claims through the internet to the Medical Services Branch (MSB) of the government for publicly insured health services.
The ICS portal is managed by eHealth Saskatchewan.

Who can use ICS?

Physicians and other care providers that have signed up with MSB for claim submission and have obtained a group number and security certificate for electronic billing through the ICS portal.

Submitting to MSB through ICS

Once access to ICS is obtained a physician can use ClinicAid to generate and send claims files electronically to and retrieve them from MSB. Claims are sent in batches and MSB will send response files back through the ICS portal.

Medical Billing Cycles in Saskatchewan

The MSB Claims processing schedule in Saskatchewan is available for download in the ICS web portal but generally cut-off is 9AM every other Tuesday morning. Remittance files are generally available within two business days and Payments to physicians are generally sent the monday after a cut-off.