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Billing for General Practitioners

If you are a general practitioner, you have a lot to do during the work day. Patients trust you to take your time with them and advise them on their health concerns and issues. Taking the right amount of quality time is important to you and them in order to have valuable patient encounters.

Taking time to treat many different conditions

Your focus as a family physician should be on your patients. They come in with a variety of conditions that you need to help them with. You have to talk to the patient and listen carefully to their symptoms. Then, you need to diagnose their issues based on your experience and expertise, and determine the best course of action.

Often in general practice, writing a prescription to treat your patients' specific problems is the best course of action. You need to focus on picking the right medications that are appropriate for your patients based on their age, gender, history, allergies, other medications, etc, and ensure that mistakes aren't made. This means making sure you are spending enough quality time to ensure a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Referring to specialists is also a very important aspect of a family practice physician's responsibilities. When a patient presents with certain problems that are beyond the scope of what a general practitioner can do, you must refer them to a specialist. This process is important and takes time as well.

In addition to all these tasks, managing chronic illness from patients who come in regularly is of utmost importance. No matter how routine these cases get, it is of paramount importance to pay special attention to chronic illness so that you don't miss an important step or action that needs to be taken to maintain your patient's health.

Time Management

All of these important details of being a family doctor take time and focus. Things like billing, housekeeping, and paperwork are also necessary components of a family physician's practice, but you do not want these things to take away from the time spent on the more important elements of your job. Tending to patients, doing referrals, and handling chronic illness are the heart of your job as a family care physician or GP. Your credibility and long-standing relationships with patients are dependent upon these aspects of your job. Time management is important because there are only so many hours of the day.

The Solution

The solution to managing your time is to find the tools required to make your billing and paper work process easier. Paper based billing lends itself to mistakes and time wasting due to the attention needed to properly perform these tasks.

Finding an online solution such as ClinicAid to handle your billing may be the best use of your money and time. ClinicAid is a SaaS solution which can help to automate your billing and take very little time to implement in your office. With ClinicAid, you can focus on what's really important – being with your patients.

ClinicAid's billing system is so advanced that it will even alert you when making common billing mistakes, will show you any claim rejections so you can deal with them immediately, and will even remind you of billing opportunities. And if you ever need help, our friendly staff is available to help you by phone or email, no matter how big or small your question is.