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Billing for Optometry

An Optometrist's office can be a bustling place. Patients with various conditions come through the doors, needing help with their vision and all that it entails. As an Optometrist, you know how much the right tool can impact an outcome. Whether that tool is a pair of corrective lenses, eye drops, vision therapy, or the like, you know it can make a huge difference in a visually-impaired person's life. You're an expert in your domain and patients come to you for your expertise.

When it comes to your billing, you need to find experts that can provide you with the right tools. Just like you make life easier for your patients by helping them see better, we make life easier for Optometrists by making the billing process simple and quick.

ClinicAid makes Optometry billing crystal clear

With so many billing systems on the market, it's tough to find the right one for optometry billing. Your specialty needs special features that some billing softwares overlook. ClinicAid offers Optometrists an intuitive interface that is designed to make the billing process fast, simple, and direct.

ClinicAid is automated, web-based billing software which means you can take it with you wherever you need to. The software is built to include handy features such as:

  • Customisable favourites lists for service and diagnostic codes,
  • Default forms that auto-fill diagnostic and service codes for common claims,
  • Patient profiles for each patient in your care,
  • Sharing options for colleagues in the office,
  • A review of previous bills claimed for a patient, visible each time you create a new invoice,
  • A ready-to-use scheduling module, keeping your day on track.
  • private billing and inventory tracking features
  • Integration with one of the leading providers for Optometry practice management software, Revolution EHR.

With ClinicAid's comprehensive features, you're able to complete your billing quickly, easily, and effectively. The private billing module ensures that you can create bills for your patients, 3rd party insurance providers, or any other payee. The inventory system keeps you on top of your products and the clean interface streamlines your billing process significantly.

If you're looking to complete your billing as quickly as possible, while still making sure it's done accurately, then ClinicAid is the best billing solution for you and your clinic's Optometrists. Get back to helping your patients see better with the focus and peace of mind you need, knowing that your claims for the services provided have been completed properly and efficiently.