Medical Billing for BC Physicians

MSP Billing Has Never Been Easier

Why BC doctors love billing with ClinicAid

Easily submit MSP, ICBC, and WCB forms and claims directly through Teleplan

Smart billing logic to cut down initial entry errors, superior rejection handling

Instant service code and dx code search fields with current updated MSP fee schedules

Fast referral provider MSP Billing Number search fields

Submitting claims to MSP

Health care professionals in BC need to submit claims to the provincial government for services they provide to patients that are insured through the province's Medical Services Plan (MSP). The claims will provide the Ministry of Health in BC with the information required in order to make payments to the care provider. While paper forms and online claim forms may sometimes be required for a claim, the most efficient way to submit service claims is through Teleplan.

Worksafe / Vehicle Accident Billing

Claims for third party insurers, such as the Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC) and the Workers' Compensation Board (WorkSafeBC, formerly known as WCB), can also be submitted electronically through your ClinicAid account to Teleplan in most cases.

Who can bill WCB electronically?

All General Practitioners and most medical and surgical specialists, and Chiropractors will be able to submit their WCB claims through MSP, as well as some Allied Health Practitioners such as Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists, and Acupuncture

ClinicAid supports the electronic submission of Form 8, Form 8c, as well as Form 11 and Form 11c's for initial and follow up/discharge visits for both GPs and Chiropractors.